Heath Boedecker
Born and raised in Zanesville, Heath W. Boedecker has been riding and racing bikes for over 20 years. He obtained a bachelor degree in Industrial Technology from Ohio University in 1994. This degree was a natural fit to his ingenuity, creativity and drive to meet his needs to produce excellent products, provide service beyond common standards, and fostering great relationships between people and their bikes. Heath is a firm believer in the multidisciplinary approach to cycling. When it comes down to it, as long as people are enjoying their bikes that’s all that matters. Heath spends most of his riding hours on his mountain bike, and he currently excels at racing downhill, and has competed in many cross country races and 100+ mile off road races. He’s dabbled in road cycling and is rapidly advancing his bike park skills. ┬áHeath is a founding member of Appalachia Outdoor Adventures MTN Bike Club (AOA), a chapter of IMBA Support crew

Rae Gandolf
Office Manager
HWB Office manager Rae Gandolf is a certified mountain bike instructor who can help you get started or progress to your next level. For more information please visit www.ridewithrae.com

Austin Powell
Social Media Manager
HWB Marketing, Promotions and Social Media Guru Austin Powell has been with the business since 2011. He enjoys building bikes, riding XC and dabbling in downhill riding.