Listed below are all of the bikes we have available for sale.  If you visit our demo section, you can see a list of the bikes we have available for you to demo!



Santa Cruz V10


The arrival of 27.5” wheels marks a sea change in the V10’s evolution.

In development with the Syndicate since early 2013, we wrung full potential out of the new wheel standard before unveiling it at the races.  The restraint paid off, and the new V10 hoovered up a 2014 World Cup title and a World Champs medal within weeks of being released.

Drawing on feedback from Peat, Minnaar and Bryceland on their personal settings, the 6th generation of our flagship model now offers 216mm / 8.5” of travel in two adjustable geometry positions:

  • HIGH: 64° headtube angle / 360mm bottom bracket height.
  • LOW: 63.5° headtube angle / 353mm bottom bracket height.

The shock rate has been tuned to be less progressive than the previous model, delivering more consistent damping throughout the travel.

Carbon lay-up analysis and frame shape optimization allowed for more efficient use of material, and the savings were then reinvested into other areas to ensure the bike withstands Ratboy’s huge flat landings.  The front triangle and swingarm sport larger-diameter sections, but we’ll refrain from the usual drone about the positive effect that has on strength and stiffness.

The new frame benefits from a slightly longer reach to suit evolving rider preferences.  However, our athletes felt we always struck a good balance with our chainstay length, so we focused on maintaining this dimension when accommodating larger wheels.

As if a complete redesign weren’t enough, we’ve also introduced the new Carbon C frame with a Zee build kit. This build puts V10 performance within reach of more riders than ever before, lifting the race pace of World Cup athletes and privateers alike.



Santa Cruz Nomad


The Nomad is designed to stay one step ahead of enduro racing’s ever more DH trajectory.

An aggressive 65 degree head angle delivers V10 handling at Syndicate speeds.  165mm of VPP™ travel is delivered via a V10 style upper link and neatly recessed lower link design that’s unique to this model.

The one-by only design permits some seriously compact chainstays.  While the rangey cockpit and relatively steep seat tube angle make for a surprisingly efficient pedaling position for such a capable descender

Internal cable routing comes courtesy of thin carbon fibre tubes molded into the frame from entry to exit, ensuring completely integrated hassle-free routing every time.



Santa Cruz Bronson

The Bronson is the reference for all-mountain riding and racing, and one of our most versatile and popular models ever. 

With a 67° head angle, 150mm of VPP™ travel and 27.5″ wheels, the Bronson screamed onto the Enduro World Series scene like a Group B rally car.

The winning formula is Bronson’s ability to deliver massive uphill capability too, thanks to a balanced geometry and efficient pedaling platform that speeds you between liason stages.

Now availble at an unprecendented carbon entry price point for R and S builds, the Bronson sets the all-mountain standard once again.



Santa Cruz Heckler

The Heckler shares the same super awesome geometry as the Bronson, delivered in a robust single pivot package.

With 27.5” wheels and 150mm travel the Heckler continues Santa Cruz’s heritage in single pivot aluminum suspension.

Ideal as an All Mountain heavy hitter, the low maintenance single pivot design minimises pedal feedback, and loves nothing more than railing berms, popping out of turns and smashing through rock gardens.  Day after day after day.



Santa Cruz Tallboy LT

If big wheels, big rides, big races and big adventures are your thing, the Tallboy LT is your big ticket.

Our 135mm VPP™ 29er hauls riders through such brutal events as the Downieville Classic, Andes Pacifico and Trans Provence.

29″ wheels are a noticeable advantage on long rides and multi-day races.  They keep up momentum, smooth out terrain and give an impression of more suspension than the travel suggests.

Still available in different color options for aluminum, the Tallboy LT is like a Bavarian sports tourer for the offroad World.



Santa Cruz Bantam

Sharing the same mega-agile geometry as the 5010, the new Bantam punches way above its weight for a trail bike in this category.

125mm of single-pivot suspension and a robust collet pivot axle system create a rock-solid trail tool that’s as awesomely simple as it is tough.

27.5″ wheels deliver those fabled rolling benefits without comprising maneuverability, leaving the Bantam ready to go the distance if you are.



Santa Cruz 5010

The 5010 defies categorization, pushing the realms of what’s possible on a 125mm travel bike.

Developed using what we learned from Bronson, the comparatively lower bottom bracket height, shorter chainstays and 125mm of VPP™ travel give 5010 its snappy, nimble, ride.

A 68° head angle and 5lb frame weight adds climbing agility into the equation, defining 5010 as the tool for that back country mission you’ve always planned.



Santa Cruz Tallboy

The Tallboy continues to tower over the competition when it comes to 29ers with attitude.

Awarded “Bike of the Year” time after time, the balanced geometry and proprietary carbon lay-up creates a killer package that screams XC performance, and delivers trail shredding capabilities.

100mm of VPP™ travel and a finely-tuned shock rate creates an obscenely efficient pedaling platform.

Advances in our carbon engineering means we’re now able to offer our legendary stiff strong Tallboy carbon frame in two options, bringing prices on our entry level carbon builds cascading down.



Santa Cruz Superlight

The Superlight is an opportunity to discover proper mountain biking, Santa Cruz style.

With the new 2015 Superlight we’ve paid really close attention to detail on tailoring each bike to a rider’s likely height and weight.  For example, the small and medium sizes utilize higher shock leverage ratios to ensure lighter riders make effective use of the travel.  Those sizes also feature 27.5″ wheels to improve handling and create industry-leading standover height for shorter riders.

Meanwhile, the large and extra large sizes come with 29″ wheels so that taller riders benefit from the rolling advantages of this popular wheel standard.

All sizes sport 100mm of single-pivot suspension in an aluminum package that’s durable, easy to maintain and perfect for years of hassle-free mountain biking.



Santa Cruz Highball

The Highball has been out bombing the competition at races since it was brought into commission.

There are still those times and places where the best way to light the fuse and blow everyone else into the weeds is by riding a hardtail.

Bigger wheels have revived the venerable double diamond design, and by mixing the smooth rolling hoops with a feathery 2.4-pound carbon fiber frame, we’ve come up with a potent race weapon.

Anyone who complains about a bad day climbing while riding this bike needs to find another sport. The Highball is insanely light, razor sharp, nimble but surefooted, stiff as a plank, and designed to do two things: 1. Race. 2. Win.



Santa Cruz Chameleon

Now with 27.5″ wheels, the new Chameleon continues to adapt to its surroundings.

The perennial favorite is trusted by legions to get the job done.  So we’ve added a few neat features to get the job done better.

27.5″ wheels are the most significant evolution, but we’ve managed to keep the geometry largely unchanged to ensure this most verstaile of hardtails remains exactly that.

All the cleverly thought out features like interchangeable rear dropouts, tapered head tube and ISCG 05 mounts remain too, but are now joined by some welcome upgrades such as Stealth Reverb routing and a 142mm rear axle spacing.



Santa Cruz Jackal

Dirt-jumping, pump-tracking, bike-parking or prowling the streets with your pack, Jackal is an opportunistic scavenger of man-made terrain.

Unique sliding rear dropouts welcome gears or single speeds, whilst the cleverly designed asymmetrical yolk allows for super strong and compact 15.2” chainstays.

Overbuilt to last forever, yet still weighing in under 5lbs, owning a Jackal’s one of the few things in life that requires no justification… every bike shed should harbor one.

*Only available as a frame. Build shown as serving suggestion.